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ML050 Smart Motor Lock

Introducing our exceptional lock, engineered with a custom design and rigorously tested to withstand 50 years of daily use. Trust in our lock to provide the highest level of safety and functionality for your property.

The most futuristic locking mechanism on the market – our Smart Motor Lock means that you can say goodbye to padlocks and lost keys forever. Automatically controlled by the Unit Controller, the lock retracts when the door is told to open, and automatically re-locks after a few seconds. No more worrying about if you remembered to lock your unit, the Smart Motor Lock ensures every storage unit is locked and secure, every time.





Technical Specifications

Power, Door Hall-effect & Lock Position Sense
RJ12 with custom wiring (overleaf)
Door Proximity Hall-Effect Sensor. Lock Bolt position
Lock / unlock time
<2 seconds
Operating Voltage
7-24V DC
Operating Current (12V)

20mA Standby, 85mA Driving, 250mA Stall

Operating Temperature
Red Status LED

RJ12 Lock Drive Connector

The Motor Lock is an OSDP peripheral, controlled via encrypted RS485 messaging. Pinout for the RJ12 connector is shown below.

Installation Guide - Detailed Device Dimensions