Sites and Devices

Comprehensive self storage management system that provides access control and site management, organisation management, reporting and reliability.

Site Management

Our scalable site management software delivers the power and flexibility you need to manage your organisations’ facilities from one platform.

Organisation Management

StorAxxS is the perfect solution for your organisation management. With a fine-grained user permissions system, user management and full document management functionality.



The alert feature provides a simple end-to-end solution for identifying occupancy trends, spotting abnormal unit status and taking corrective action such as cleaning, repairs or maintenance. 

Secure and Reliable

StorAxxS offers a wide range of assurance features, including time-based automatic logout, high-security modes for all devices, fully encrypted communications, and much more. As a result, you can have full confidence in the security of your facility.

Data and Sovereign Security

StorAxxS is developed locally and is 100% Australian. All of our designs and code are written in-house and we ensure a seamless integration of all our systems through vertical integration.

100% Integrated. Proudly designed, developed & supported in Australia.

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Automate your self storage business with Australia’s most advanced access control solution.

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