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Why StorAxxS?

We're redefining access control standards.

We are committed to providing an innovative, seamless and convenient access control solution.

Designed, owned and supported in Australia

Our products are meticulously designed, owned, and supported right here in Australia, embodying a commitment to quality, reliability, and understanding of local needs and environments.

Brutus™ motion sensing and door alarms

Brutus™ motion sensing and door alarms, custom engineered with cutting-edge technology, offer robust security measures, providing real-time alerts and unparalleled peace of mind.

In unit camera snapshot to monitoring centre

The in-unit camera snapshot feature can seamlessly send real-time images directly to your monitoring centre, ensuring swift and effective response to any security events.

Remote unlocking and locking of units and gates

Experience the unparalleled convenience and security of our system’s remote unlocking and locking capabilities for units and gates, allowing seamless access control from any location.

Additional Features

Cloud Based Software

Monitor and manage access from anywhere, providing real-time insights and control over unit and gate access.

Real-time unit and door status

Take a virtual walkthrough of your facility using the interactive site map, which includes unit and door status.

Activity and Event Logs

The activity and event log provides users with a comprehensive overview of activities, ensuring transparency, accountability, and enhanced security.

Customer and Staff App

With user-friendly interfaces and robust features, our app empowers both customers and staff, driving satisfaction and productivity.

Shared Access

Customers have the convenience of effortlessly providing access to their storage unit for friends and family members, ensuring seamless sharing experiences.

Device management

Allows real time hardware status and management, including the ability to remotely provision new controllers or troubleshoot existing hardware.