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Empowering solutions for self-storage.

From tackling challenges in self-storage facilities to empowering automated box shops with our versatile locker systems, our scalable cloud platform is tailored to meet your specific requirements, all backed by comprehensive support and warranties.

Addressing security vulnerabilities with three layers of in-unit intrusion detection and real-time visual feedback to monitoring centres.

Experience the benefits of a safer environment for both staff and customers, resulting in increased rental yield—highlighted by 59% of users rating security as a key advantage (1).

Navigating evolving customer expectations with cutting-edge technology.

Versatile service options, including fully automated frictionless entry and shared access control, coupled with secure 24/7 offerings featuring an automated box shop.

Optimise operational efficiency with the StorAxxS Dashboard and Site Map

Instantaneous information on all statuses and issues across multiple sites ensures quicker response times and decision-making.

Resolving service and support issues through a dedicated local service and support team.

Enhanced responsiveness, localised assistance, and efficient resolution of service and support issues, ensuring a smoother and more reliable customer experience.

1. State of the Industry Report, Self Storage Association of Australasia, 2022
Support & Warranty

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Peace of Mind

At our core, we’re committed to providing unparalleled support and warranty options that meet your unique needs. With scalable support services, dedicated local assistance, and thorough training on all equipment, we ensure you’re equipped to navigate any challenge. Our dedication to security and innovation shines through every piece of meticulously designed hardware, exceeding industry standards for unmatched protection and control.