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Store safer. Store smarter.

StorAxxS® makes self storage access control safer and more convenient.

Unlocking innovation.

 Elevate your self-storage business with our innovative solution, enhancing security and efficiency.

Proudly Australian Designed, Owned and Operated

Enhance security with the Brutus Motion Sensing and Alarm system

Send unit images to your phone or security centre automatically

Remotely lock and unlock unit and Gates

Gen 5 is here!

With enhanced features, unparalleled reliability, and cutting-edge capabilities, Gen 5 is poised to revolutionise the industry and exceed your expectations. Experience the future of access control, where innovation meets reliability.

Our platform is adaptable to your needs.

Our hardware is designed with modularity in mind, offering different levels of access control to suit diverse needs. This flexibility ensures that you can implement the level of security and convenience that best fits your business model, providing peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Gate Only


Auto Doors


Auto & Manual Doors


Auto Doors

Auto Pro

Auto & Manual Doors


We lock, where others cannot.

Our system stands out for its unique capability to remotely lock both units and gates, setting us apart from any other solution on the market. With this feature, you have unparalleled control over the security of your premises, allowing you to ensure peace of mind no matter where you are. 

Connecting customers, access control and management systems.

Through our access control solution, customers experience a seamless and secure access process, enhancing their overall storage experience. StorAxxS® provides a user-friendly interface that integrates effortlessly with sophisticated access control systems. This synergy ensures not only the convenience of our customers but also empowers facility managers with real-time data and insights, facilitating efficient and proactive management.
"StorAxxS offers another level of security. This new technology is what the industry has been waiting for. There’s no human intervention needed and when the roller door is locked. It’s locked. I’m sure it’ll be embraced by many operators."
Mark Davidson
Managing Director, Loxon Storage


We are dedicated to collaboration and continually seek to integrate with cutting-edge systems to enhance our operations.

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