StorAxxS makes self storage safer and more convenient

Discover the ultimate solution for seamless access control within a single, reliable system. Proudly Australian owned, our cutting-edge technology is designed to safeguard, monitor, and efficiently manage user access for self-storage facilities. Experience enhanced security and efficiency with our innovative solution tailored to elevate your self storage business.

The completely integrated access control solution for modern storage needs.

Our unique system is a 100% Australian, vertically integrated design that includes Access Control and Monitoring software and hardware.

Vertical Integration

We’re able to offer a world class product that puts all aspects of your business under one cohesive, secure structure.

Greater customer satisfaction, retention and attraction.

Empower your customers and elevate your business with our customer app and dashboard. Provide your customers with seamless access to their belongings while connecting them to your brand’s products and services. Our user-friendly platform allows them to effortlessly access and monitor their self-storage units and merchandise

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