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Our PIN pad is a top-of-the-line security solution that offers unparalleled protection and convenience for your property.

For gate or secure office access, the StorAxxS hub can communicate with a PIN pad, providing a physical override to allow access to areas within a site. Customers can set and edit their PIN codes, and can access a site’s main gate from within their car, all without touching their phone. There’s also a High Security variant of the PIN pad, where all customer access codes are stored completely separated from the PIN pad.





Technical Specifications

Network Interface/ Communication
  • RS485 at 115200Kbps w/ optional terminating resistor.
  • Low unit load for 256 devices / bus
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Matrix Keypad
  • Stainless Steel and IP Rated
  • 12 Keys (0-9, *,#)
  • LED Backlight for night-time operation
  • 16 Characters, 2 Lines
  • Adjustable backlight control
  • Sunlight readable
Input Power

12 to 24VDC, 150mA max (Keypad Backlit), 100mA typical (Keypad LEDs off) @ 12V.

Operating Temperature

0-70 degrees Celsius

Output Relay

‘Dry Contact’ Relay
Up to 1A 40V Relay

Light Sensor for Case Intrusion Detection
  • Width: 91mm
  • Height: 154.75mm
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Max Rear Component
  • Height: 11mm

Wiring Diagram

Mounting Instructions

Mount backing plate using rubber-washered screws to ensure water-tightness. Use a PG-11 cable gland for power and signal wiring. Ensure 15mm clearance around the PIN pad backing plate, especially on the bottom edge to allow for the installation of the M4 locking screw.

For best display readability, install in a partially covered / shaded location where possible.

Operation and Commissioning

PIN pads feature an onboard administration menu to streamline the installation and setup. Access to this menu is password protected.

Accessing the Admin Menu

  1. While holding *, type master code and then press # to enter the admin menu.
  2. Holding * whilst entering the admin code differentiates a regular pincode from the Admin menu code.

Verifying Inputs Wiring

Admin menu home screen shows “Enter Menu Code” and In1, In2, Out values. Inputs default high (1) when disconnected, and read low (0) when shorted to the COM terminal. Ensure a closed gate reads 0 via its reed-switch, and an open gate shows 1.

To view and Change Values

  1. On the home screen press number to enter menu item (see below for details), which shows the current value
  2. Type the new value in a menu item and press # to save value and go to the next value in that menu, if there is one
  3. Press * on a menu item to abort saving and go to home screen
  4. Press * on home screen to exit the admin menu

Menu Items


(not editable)

Hub IP address

( = auto discover)

RSSI value

For bluetooth

Gate times (press # to view next value)

Opening time

Hold open time


1 = Pulse high

2 = Pulse low

3 = Normally open

4 = Normally closed

Input 1

0 = not used

1 = Reed switch

2 = Beam sensor

3 = Request to exit

Input 2

0 = not used

1 = Reed switch

2 = Beam sensor

3 = Request to exit

Master code, new code
→ # → repeat code → # (min 4 digits)

Reboot device

Press # to trigger a device reboot (approx 1s to complete)