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UC050 Unit Controller “Brutus”

Invest in the highest level of security and control for each unit with our state-of-the-art unit controller. With our controller, you can trust that your property is fully secured and monitored. Don’t compromise on security, choose our unit controller for the utmost protection and peace of mind.

The Brutus Unit Controller is the brains of the StorAxxS Access Control System. Equipped with a PIR motion sensor, two lights (a bright white ambient light, and an RGB colour-changing status indicator) and a camera, as well as controlling the Actuator Lock, and even a door motor, the Unit Controller is an all-in-one monitoring, security and access solution.





Technical Specifications

Network Interface

802.11n WiFi, Dual OSDP (RS485)

2 ✕ RJ12, 3 x 2 Pos 16-28 AWG
  • Detectors
  • Passive Infrared
  • Capacitive Touch Button
  • 0-28V ‘Dry Contact’ Input
Ambient Light
312 Lumens Output (20W equiv, 4000K)
2 Mpx, 160º FOV
Operating Voltage

10~to 24V DC

Operating Current
  • 60mA standby current
  • 130mA with dim ambient light
  • 210mA when alarming and unlocking
Operating Temperature
-20 to 70ºC
  • Up to 24V 1500mA ‘Dry Contact’ Relay
  • Powered 12~ 10 24V 1A RS485 Socket
TLS Encrypted Websockets


Cat5 RJ45 Pinout Wiring

Unit Controllers have two RJ12 ports for OSDP via RS485 communication. The connector on the right hand side of the unit is intended for an upstream connection towards the Mux powering the device. The connector on the Left hand side of the device is intended to connect to downstream OSDP devices, such as StorAxxS Motor Locks. Note that each port is a separate RS485 network, and these connectors are not electrically connected together.

Note that 6P4C (RJ11) or 6P6C (RJ12) cables can be used.

OSDP Cabling Method using Cat5/6 (Recommended)

Each unit controller should be connected to the OSDP bus via its upstream RJ12 port to an AxxS Breakout Board. The Breakout Boards can daisy chain together into a bus over Cat5 or Cat6 cable (using RJ45 heads) and terminates into a channel on the AxxS Multiplexer. 23AWG cable is recommended for the Cat5 or Cat6 cable.

Each channel supports power and data up to 100m in total length with 8 unit controllers.

The AxxS Multiplexer contains 8 channels, meaning a total of 64 unit controllers can be run from a single Multiplexer.

Power Only Cabling (Not Recommended)

For installations which do not use Multiplexers, power only cabling can be run to each device, meaning the devices will only communicate via a WiFi network. The power-connectors on the Unit Controller accept cables between 28 AWG (0.32mm Ø) and 16 AWG (1.29mm Ø). It’s preferable to use the thickest cabling possible to achieve maximal cable run length whilst avoiding voltage drop beyond operational levels. The unit controller requires between 10VDC to 24VDC at all times to operate.

Unit Controller Power Consumptions

The following table outlines the current consumption of a typical Unit Controller. Measurements taken at 12V. These include power consumption of motor lock (if used). For load calculations the standby mode is assumed for 75% of units on a channel, with the remaining 25% being the locking/unlocking current draw.

E.g. for a channel with 8 UCs and MLs the typical max load would be 8 x 135mA = 1.08A. A typical 23AWG Cat5 cable using 3 pairs will present 60 Ω/Km, which would mean over a 100m run (V=IR or 1.08 x 60/10) 6.48V is lost in the cable transmission. The power supply would have to be at least (10+6.48) 16.48V to account for this.

Unit Controller Config

Standby Mode

Unlocked Ambient light 50%
Camera in use, Ambient light 100%
Locking/Unlocking, Camera in use, Ambient light 100%

Average per unit

ML050 only






UC050 only






UC050 and ML050