Unit Controller "Brutus"

Invest in the highest level of security and control for each unit with our state-of-the-art unit controller. With our controller, you can trust that your property is secure and monitored with notifications to customers of detected activity. Choose our unit controller for the utmost protection and peace of mind.

Actuator Lock "AL"

Introducing our exceptional lock, engineered with a custom design and rigorously tested to withstand 50 years of daily use. You can trust in our lock to provide the highest level of safety and functionality for your property.


Pin Pads

Our pin pad is a top-of-the-line access control solution that offers unparalleled protection and convenience for your property.

Lock Controller

Our lock controller offers an intuitive and comprehensive solution to secure all of your doors, allowing you to effortlessly manage your access control system and safeguard your property.

Locker System

Revolutionise the way you manage locker systems with our innovative locker system. Our locker system will enhance your property’s functionality, aesthetics, and convenience.

Device Details

StorAxxS Hub

The StorAxxS Hub is the communications heart of the StorAxxS system, linking the controllers, pin pads, locks and cloud servers into a single ecosystem. The StorAxxS Hub can even work through internet outages by storing access permissions locally, with real time synchronisation to our secure cloud.

Unit Controller​

The Brutus Unit Controller is the brains of the StorAxxS access control system. Equipped with a PIR motion sensor, two lights (a bright white ambient light, and an RGB colour-changing status indicator) and a camera, as well as controlling the StorAxxS Actuator Lock and even a door motor, the Unit Controller is an all-in-one monitoring and access control solution.

Actuator Lock

The most futuristic locking mechanism on the market – our StorAxxS Actuator Lock means that you can say goodbye to padlocks and lost keys forever. Controlled by the Unit Controller, the lock retracts when the door is told to open, and automatically relocks after a few seconds. No more worrying about if you remembered to lock your unit, the Actuator Lock ensures every storage unit is locked securely, every time.

Pin Pads

For gate or secure office access, the StorAxxS Hub can communicate with the StorAxxS Pin Pad, providing a physical override to allow access to areas within a site. Customers set and edit their PIN codes, and can access a site’s main gate from within their car, all without touching their phone. There’s also a High Security variant of the pin pad, where all customer access codes are stored completely separate from the pin pad.

Lock Controllers

The StorAxxS platform can handle more than just storage units. Our 16-Channel Lock Controller can control up to 16 individual lockers, pin pads in high security mode, and can even be used as a low-level integration with your current access control systems! Using the same industry-leading secure communications as the Hub and Unit Controller, the Lock Controller ensures peace of mind for site owners and customers alike.

Locker System

Using our Lock Controller, the StorAxxS system can control and manage up to 16 lockers per controller. Check activity logging, remotely pop open lockers, and share access, directly from the StorAxxS smartphone app. The lockers can be provisioned in a number of ways, from renting locker space to customers, to providing permanent access to staff or as a part of a workspace booking, to even configuring it as a box shop, and selling products.


Using a custom vending controller, staff can manage and restock onsite vending machines, while customers can place orders and collect directly using the StorAxxS app. Low stock alerts can be configured to display to staff on the administrator dashboard, and orders can be placed by customers before they even reach the site. It’s not just snacks and drinks, either – packing materials, phone chargers, electronics, or anything else can be stocked in, and ordered from, the StorAxxS app.

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Proudly designed in Australia.

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