Maximise customer experience and satisfaction

Fully integrated access control app aimed at improving customer satisfaction, retention and attraction.

Customer App and Dashboard

Give your customers the easiest possible access to their belongings, as well as a connection to your products and services. Our customer app and dashboard helps them find self storage units and merchandise—and even share access to their booking.

Contactless Access Control

Contactless Access Control

Your customers can open their storage units from anywhere! The customer app also provides your customers peace of mind with activity logs and snapshots, taken every time their unit is opened or closed.

Share Access

Share Access

Customers can provide temporary access to their storage unit to friends and family at the tap of a button. Cutting – and losing – spare keys is now a thing of the past.

Activity and Notifications

Activity and Notifications

Your customers can enjoy peace of mind with a full, dated list of all actions taken at their storage unit, complete with a snapshot showing what was happening at the time of opening or closing.



Customers can upload and authenticate their identification through the StorAxxS customer app, providing security to account holders.


How do customers access the app?

The StorAxxS app can be downloaded for free on both the App Store for iPhones, and the Google Play Store for Android devices. The Customer Dashboard can be reached simply through a web browser! 

Is my data secure?

Absolutely! The StorAxxS platform uses industry-leading secure communications between all of its devices – the Hub, the Lock and Unit Controllers, the Pinpads – we’ve got it all locked down. Our servers sit in sunny Sydney, on the east coast of Australia, and all of the code, software and firmware is written right here in Brisbane! We don’t even store your payment or identification details. We keep a randomised token on-hand to confirm that it’s you, while the world-class security afforded by our partners Stripe and Verifi make sure nobody sees your personally identifiable information.

What if my phone is broken, and I need to access my unit?

Not a problem, either use the onsite pin pad or get in touch with the onsite staff, and they can open and close your unit for you from their administration dashboard.

What measures are in place to protect my belongings?

It starts where all good security should – with a strong lock. The Actuator Lock retracts upon opening, and automatically re-locks a few seconds after opening, meaning you’ll never have to wonder if you remembered to lock the door ever again. Beyond the lock, inside the unit, the Unit Controller has a bright ambient light and camera, which takes a snapshot whenever it detects a door unlock, open or close. Finally, if movement is detected inside when the door is closed, or the system detects that the door is open when it shouldn’t be, you and the facility management are both sent an alarm alert immediately.

Can I allow someone else to access my storage unit?

With the StorAxxS app, you can share access to anyone you want, for as long as you want, and revoke it any time you want. They simply download the StorAxxS app on their mobile device, create an account, and your unit will automatically show in their access list once their access is enabled. Of course, you’ll continue to receive snapshots and activity logs every time a door is opened or closed by anyone.

Are there any moving supplies or equipment available to assist with moving items in and out of my unit?

That’s up to the storage site! There may be an onsite Box Shop available, using our StorAxxS Lock Controller and locker system. If so, you’re in luck – you can browse, purchase and collect anything that’s in stock in the box shop, right from the StorAxxS app.

What is the difference between the StorAxxS app and Customer Dashboard?

The Customer Dashboard can be accessed from any web browser, and is used to manage your account – change your password, update your payment details or ID, or review who you’ve shared access with. The StorAxxS app can be downloaded from your favourite app store, and includes the Customer Dashboard’s account-based functionality, as well as providing all access control functions for the units. 

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